Just as no two signatures are alike, we believe that no two homes should be alike. Rather, they should reflect the unique taste, style and personality of their owners.

As our name suggests, this approach has become our signature, and the core value that has made Martelli one of the area's most respected and successful luxury home designers and builders.

We are not developers. We do not build communities. In fact, we focus all of our attention and resources on a few select projects at a time. Only in this way are we able to ensure the uncompromising quality and workmanship that we demand, and the highly personalized level of service that each of our clients surely deserve.

The result is a uniquely designed and meticulously crafted home that is beautiful to the eye, comfortable to live in, in perfect harmony with the natural environment, down to the smallest detail.

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No doubt you've heard custom homes compared to everything from palaces to rustic hideaways. Want to know more?
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